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Jenny and her carbs.


My client Jenny is about to try for her PB in the great north run this weekend, 13miles in sub 1hour 45mins. I’ve trained Jenny off and on for a few years now and she is a very determined athlete, over the last year she’s been running with the Tyne bridge harriers and has been getting faster all the time. A few weeks ago she got in touch as she wanted to do some weight training in order to find a little focus away from all of the running she was doing.

She also asked me to take a look at what she’d been eating, about a year and a half ago when she had previously been training with me, she had more of body composition goal and therefore we lowered her carbohydrate intake a little, she also wasn’t doing quite as much exercise at that time (Not LOW CARB though). This time though Jenny was running multiple times per week and was about to start 3 gym sessions per week on top of it, due to past experience she was shocked at the perceived huge amounts of carbs i was recommending she ate this time around.

Low carb (low sugar) diets have been very much a trend recently. For many people, especially those who are not active, a lower carb diet can be suitable, reducing calories in some way will always help you lose weight. Athletes though, they need carbohydrates it’s the bodies prefered source of energy and it’s my hope that through Jenny eating more of them she’ll have a greater chance of hitting her target time. Over the last few weeks of upping carbs I’ve tracked her weight and waist measurements just to see if any unwanted weight gain was occurring due to her changing her diet, but her stats stayed nice and steady and if anything we could have looked to increase her calorie intake further.

Good luck for the weekend Jenny and i’m sure we’ll be looking at a time far below 1hour 45mins.

If you’d like some nutrition or training advice contact me here or at bally26@msn.com. Also be sure to follow me @DAVIDBALLPT on twitter and instagram.


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