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After doing tough mudder on Saturday I woke up on Sunday very stiff, especially in my hip flexors, knees and ankles. I hadn’t been able to do much running preparation for it due to injury which definitely made the muscle pain more severe. So I decided to put myself through a easy recovery session just to get myself moving.

Banded kneeling hip flexor stretch

Voodoo bands on knees and ankles (see picture)

500m Row

10 swings every 30secs for 5mins

Each minute on the minute x5

10 1 leg hip raises

10 seated rows

10 Overhead squats

The goals for this session were pretty simple, get the blood moving a little, get a bit of a sweat on and try to leave the session feeling like I was moving a little bit easier then at the start. Everything was about form on the exercises, trying to get the hips loosened and squeeze the glutes during hip raises and swings especially.

I discovered Voodoo bands around 2 years ago, through reading the Kelly Starrett book “Becoming a supple Leopard”.  The picture attached shows how I strapped my knee and ankle with the Voodoo band and then moved the joint through a full range of motion. Too quote from the book mentioned,

“ Wrapping a band around a joint or chunk of scar tissue and introducing movement creates a global shearing effect-restoring sliding-surface function to the underlying banded tissues”

It’s also tremendous for reducing swelling in a joint, which was great for my ankle.


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