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A good training partner


Struggling to stay motivated, feel like you’re letting things slack a little in the gym? Getting yourself a training partner to work out with may make all the difference to your results. Rocky needed Apollo in Rocky 3 and Frodo wouldn’t have got very far without Sam. (Yes i’m using mentioning Lord of the rings when talking about the gym, something you can expect more of :)).

The gym can seem like a lonely place at times, a workout that was already challenging can be overwhelming when trying to up the intensity week after week. The snooze button can be really tempting at 5:30 in the morning the same as sitting on the sofa after 8hrs at work and sticking to a diet plan on a weekend is always a challenge. Having someone on the same path as you can really help to keep you on track, both in and outside of the gym.

Some of my best results came when I was training with fellow member of team storm Robbie. I would say that having someone alongside me during some pretty grim sessions was the main reason we both got great results, not because of any kind of genius programme workout programme, just lots of hard work and constantly trying to get more from each other.

So what attributes make a good training partner?

  • Work Ethic. Someone who is going to train hard. I want my training partner to look like they’re going all out on their reps because that’s what I intend to do. Watching someone else push themselves makes me do the same because I feel like I’d be letting them down somehow if I didn’t put in a similar amount of effort.
  • Understands your goal. You don’t have to have exactly the same goal, but having someone understand what you want to achieve is vital, because if they really understand  what you’re aiming for, they can help get you there, no questions about “why do you want to gain/lose weight” just “that’s what you want then let’s do it”.
  • There to train, not to chat. Simple really, if you’re hoping for a catch up then grab a coffee before the gym. When you’re training, keep it to minimum.
  • Is willing to be honest. Most of the time you’re the worst person to judge if you can do more, just finished a set and it felt hard? A good training partner will let you know whether it was hard or not, to them you might have looked like you were cruising and they should be telling you to put the weight up whether you like it or not. They should also let you know when to take a step back and focus on form not weight.
  • Different strengths and weaknesses. This can apply in different ways, maybe one of you is great at the deadlift, hopefully this might get the other person more determined to get more weight on their lift. When it comes to some conditioning though the roles may be reversed and this time it’s the other person keeping their partner going.

A personal trainer could also offer a lot of what I’ve mentioned above, motivation, direction, ability to push you, understanding of your personal goal. Luckily I know a really good one 😉


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