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Don’t run out of petrol


Food = Energy, seems like many who exercise forget this, clients can complain about feeling run down and tired, yet barely eat enough to sustain themselves if they weren’t exercising!

Your body without calories is like a car without petrol, it won’t run, give it the calories and watch it go. Lots of people have often spent long periods eating low calorie and have run themselves into the ground.

The obsession with attempting to lose weight and therefore eating less and less food can be an unhealthy combination. Obviously it’s easy to go overboard with calories so the amount that’s right for you has to be calculated. Get the calories right and you’re giving the body the energy it needs to perform but also to repair those precious muscles, which means you can get stronger.

You can then improve your efficiency/performance further by consuming the right amount of calories via the right combination of macros (protein/fats/carbs).

Get the timing of these fuels right and you can improve further, correct pre/peri and post nutrition can lead to even better results.

If you’re doing some serious resistance training then making sure you’re getting an adequate amount of calories is an absolute must to ensure continued progress.


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