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ISAK Body Fat Measurement

body fat percentage chart

How do know if you’re making progress while training? The scales might be showing changes but how do you know what it is that’s changing? If you’re trying to gain some muscle and the scales are showing an increase, how do you that it’s muscle gain and not body fat? The reverse could be true, while it might be the goal to lose some weight, losing that weight via a reduction in body fat, not muscle, is vital. The scales are not going to be able to help.

If it is body composition changes that you’re after then an ISAK body fat test is an absolute must.

By measuring skinfold sites from 8 different positions on your body, six upper body and two lower I can help you keep track of the way that your body is changing. Rather than just a weight measurement I will be able to tell you how much body fat you have compared to lean tissue. This can be great to keep you on track with your goals and chasing a change in body shape rather than simply a number on the scale.

At storm fitness we have the equipment needed to take these measurements, (including the Harpenden calipers that are best for taking skinfold measurements not the cheaper, plastic ones you can buy from E-bay).

Send me a message if you would be interested in booking an appointment.


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