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Client profile:James

Here are some recent photos of my client james going through a 6-12-25 protocol.
He came to storm roughly 8 months ago and his situation was one with which I could relate, he was training regularly but didn’t feel like he was making the progress he deserved. He was training multiple times per week, lots of reps, lots of circuits, sometimes multiple sessions per day and weight sessions that consisted of lots of reps with relatively light weights. Diets were always an all or nothing kind of deal, after 2 weeks of trying to be super strict he would give in to a “bad” food and the diet would be over.
His main goal was to lose some body fat in time for a holiday and then his wedding a few weeks later. The best description he gave his goals was “I want to look like I train, at the minute I don’t”.
James was a relatively experienced lifter and had good technique with most lifts, so the first thing I got him doing? Low reps with heavy weights, the exact opposite of what he had been doing and was expecting to do more of. I also encouraged him to LOWER the amount of cardio he was doing. 
Diet wise I told him we weren’t cutting carbs or restricting what he could have, at first all I wanted from him was a big increase in the amount of protein he was eating. As the weeks went by we changed more parts of his diet and became stricter with the amount of carbs and fat he was allowed, but due to him being very dedicated to monitoring these numbers carefully he was allowed to treat himself with “bad” foods on the odd occasion. This stopped him feeling guilty about enjoying his stag do and other occasional nights out.
James is a great example of someone who has started eating and training SMARTER, rather than MORE TRAINING and MORE DIET RESTRICTION 

He’s now stronger, leaner, enjoying his training and the results. Great work James.
Here’s a few words from the man himself.
 “When starting at Storm I went with the idea that it would be a quick fix as I was very much used to yo-yo training of intensely training 6 days a week (sometimes twice a day) with Insanity, weights, running and barely eating. I’d then slack off a couple of weeks and eat rubbish. This was just not sustainable and going to and from extremes would leave me exhausted.      
Working with David I’ve learnt to maintain my training and nutrition levels consistently over a period of 7 months and feel it is integrated into part of my life. Apart from this huge change in perspective to training, I’ve also lost a great deal of body fat and gained muscle! Sounds corny but after years of being anxious of the way I look I can say I’m very happy with both the way I look and the methods I use to train.


 I genuinely don’t think i could have been matched with a better trainer. Fitness and health is a big part of my life but isn’t the be all and end all and David has taught me how to integrate it into my daily life. I’ve learnt loads about weight training technique and nutrition, and am now lifting weights far beyond what the I thought I was capable of. You end of spending a lot of time with your trainer between sets chatting and i don’t think it would have worked for me if not for David being a genuinely nice guy (and a big movie geek).


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