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Guilt free chicken

Tried this on Friday and it was genuinely amazing, really succulent thanks to the egg whites and loads of flavour. 
The macros given are purely for the chicken strips, I was eating plenty of carbs so my plate had plenty of roasted potatoes and veg. Obviously you can add or take away from what you have on the plate depending on your goals.
(Amount needed per person)

Chicken breast. 150g

1 egg white.             

Coconut oil. 10g
Seasoning mixture

Wheat Germ. 4 tbsp

Milled flax seed. 1tbsp

Turmeric. 1tsp

Garlic powder. 1tsp

Onion powder 1/2tsp

Salt and pepper to taste
Place the coconut oil on a baking tray and heat in a warm oven.

Mix all of the seasoning mixture in a large bowl.

Cut the chicken into strips, and submerge in the egg white.

1 strip at a time, roll the chicken in the seasoning mixture till covered then roll in the melted coconut oil and leave on the tray.

Bake for approximately 15-20mins at around gas mark 5.
Approximate macros

Calories 324

Protein. = 49g

Carbs. = 16g

Fats = 10g


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