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New Years resolution 

You might be struggling with your new years resolutions right now, or maybe even given up. Don’t worry it’s common, things haven’t quite worked out in the gym, or sticking to the diet has proven harder then you first thought. Here’s a few thoughts on how to rethink what you hope to achieve over the coming months.

1. Don’t focus on your long term ultimate goal. Having a goal such as “lose 5 stone” or “lose 20% body fat” is a great starting point but can be hugely overwhelming. Breakdown this goal into smaller more manageable goals. So the first goal could be lose 6lbs over the next month, this is small scale and achievable. Plus when it is achieved you’ll feel a sense of positivity in continuing your journey and feel positive about setting a new short term goal.
2. Don’t overreach. Often on the 2nd of January people decide “Ok, gym 6 days per week, no more xmas food, quit the carbs and zero alcohol. All of which is far too much too take on board at once. With such a huge change in lifestyle it can take time to alter your everyday behaviour, preparing meals takes time and effort, early rises to train can require real mental effort. Such a huge change can never be maintained immediately, so even if the person only managed 5 gym visits, a fantastic achievement, they will begin to feel negative thoughts about the original plan. So start small scale, try 1 or 2 changes to your lifestyle at a time, “2 gym visits and a protein fuelled breakfast every morning”. Try and hit these goals over a few weeks and then add a third distinct change to your lifestyle, 2 weeks add another. You will probably find these small lifestyle changes will seep into the rest of the day and you’ll begin to think more about what you’re eating/doing at all times.
3. Surround yourself with likeminded people. When trying to eat healthy and exercise, people around you can either be a great help or a great hindrance. Lets look at home life, it can be extra tricky if your other half is unwilling to change their eating habits, cooking two separate meals means extra time and extra money. Leaving your kids/ partner at home while you go to the gym can lead to difficulties, a client I trained who was getting great results at the gym, had a partner who begrudged the time they were away from home, previously they were always looking after the kids. Can you encourage the family to join you, perhaps you’ve already been thinking they all need to eat healthier and exercise more, family activities can be a great way to get some extra exercise, but it’s important to remember to stay focused on your goal and if it’s that important to you it should be important to your other half. Friends and work colleagues can really challenge your resolve, “Why are you eating that”? “You shouldn’t try fad diets”? “You’re losing too much weight”? These people are saboteurs, usually out of their own guilt/jealousy of someone achieving what they cannot. You do not need these people around you, simply don’t speak to them about food or exercise, change the subject, real friends will except your choices and barely mention them again. 
4. Focus on what you need to do, rather than what you want. Once you’ve chosen your goals, both long and short term, you need to switch focus to what needs to be done. How many gym sessions will you need to do? What will you need to alter in your diet? These goals need to be realistic, a relaxed cardio session once per week isn’t going to see you losing much weight. A well thought out action plan of what you’re going to eat, when you’ll train and what you’ll do once you’re in the gym can give a good indication of what you can hope to achieve and how quickly. Creating an action plan like this can be tricky, which leads us into number 5.
5. Get as much help as you can, from the people who know. With so much media focus on diets, weight and exercise, people can often feel bogged down, so many different eating plans and gym regimes. Find a professional, a personal trainer can create a gym plan and take you through your sessions. Someone with a knowledge of nutrition to advise you on what to eat. They can also help you create realistic goals, long and short term plus what it’s going to take to achieve them. These people can answer any questions you might have, take the guess work out of dieting and keep pushing you when you’re finding motivation
Keep at it,


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