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Blood flow restriction training

Blood flow restriction training or occlusion training is a method I’ve been using recently to try and encourage muscle growth.
If you pop to my instagram page (DAVIDBALLPT)  you can see that i’m using straps wrapped around the top of my arms, these are used too deliberately trap blood within the muscle, in this case the triceps. 
So whats the point of this.
Well the first benefit is that it targets the fast twitch muscle fibres. The lack of blood flow to the muscle pre fatigues the slow twitch forcing the fast twitch to handle the load. Why is this good? Well fast twitch fibres have more potential for growth, therefore the potential for more gainz. Even better using this method may cause a shift from slow twitch to fast twitch.
This form of training has also been shown to increase the production of growth hormone, thanks to lactate being unable to leave the muscle. Again, more gainz.
It’s also great because you can lower the weight that you use significantly, yet you still gain the anabolic response. Therefore if you use it after the heavy lifts you’ve done earlier in the session, you can give your joints/ligaments and tendons a break.
Do remember however that this method is purely supplemental to the heavy work you’ll have already done and shouldn’t make up the main part of your session. It’s not really recommended for new lifters either. 
It works best for the biceps/triceps, quads/hamstrings, calves and forearms. Try and keep the band at about 70% tightness, it’s needs to be tight but if it’s immediately painful you’ve gone to far.
Pick an exercise like a hammer curl or like in the video a Tricep pulldown with the following rep range
1st set 30reps

Followed by 3 more sets of 15 reps, with only 30 seconds rest in between.
Enjoy the gainz


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