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Make your diet work for you.

Whilst trying to lose body fat over the last few weeks I’ve found it very difficult to stick to my diet goals. Going on a stag do, enjoying a few drinks while watching the football, or simply going for some food with some friends has proved my undoing, (usual a dirty burger). The proof is with the scales and tape measure, simply put I’ve not made progress. I’ve not gained nor have I lost.

Now that’s not to say I consider the last few weeks a let down, my training has gone well and more importantly I’ve really enjoyed these trips and night outs. I wouldn’t change the fun I’ve had simply to have more visible abs.

Having said that I have decided to try something that might allow me to enjoy the best of both worlds.

During the week I find it quite easy to stick to my macronutrient numbers, I’m usually busy and rushing around so eating enough to fulfil my needs can actually be quite tricky on busier days. On the weekend I have more time to cook, or I want to enjoy something that is perhaps a little more “naughty”.

So what did I do, I already knew how many calories I should be eating everyday to allow me to lose weight, I then multiple that by 7 so get how many I eat over the course of a week.
Calories per day 3000
Calories per week 21000

From there it gets a little more complicated, but all I did was make sure the amount of calories over the week was the same, but Sunday-Thursday the calories were a lot lower so that Friday and Saturday I could have a few more. The total though had to be the same 21000 calories per week. (As a side note the only thing that didn’t alter was my protein target, 200g everyday).

So my new targets
Sunday-Thursday 2800
Friday-Saturday 3500
Calories per week 21000

This might sound rather complicated but I’ve been tracking numbers for a long time and find the process pretty easy. (In terms of hitting the right numbers).

What it means to me is more adherence to what I’d originally set out to do over the course of a week, when it comes to diet plans the number one thing is adherence, without that you won’t make any progress. Hopefully this way I can enjoy my weekends a little more, but still enjoy some body composition progress. Happy days 🙂


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