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The weight loss pryamid



I first came across the idea of the nutritional pyramid, pictured here, via coach and author Eric Helms, I’m honestly not sure if this way of displaying the information was originally his idea, but nevertheless it’s where i first seen it.


The pyramid is designed to show the different factors that need to be addressed when it comes to gaining or losing body weight


The idea is that when it comes to trying to build muscle or lose body fat, the number 1 priority is to eat the right amount of food/calories. That base layer of the pyramid needs to be built before anything else can be supported. The stronger the foundations the stronger, the rest of the pyramid will be.


Then the next level of the pyramid can be built, you can begin to look at how you are making up these calories, what macronutrients are you eating (protein/fats/carbs).


As you move up the pyramid the level of importance to weight loss becomes less and less, that’s not to say that these things aren’t going to make a difference to your success. But without the structures below being in place the extent to which these things will make a difference will be far less.


Too many people jump right to one of the top tiers such as spending lots of money the latest vitamin pill or protein shake that promises them fast results. All the while they have no idea that they are consuming far too many calories and no amount of raspberry ketones is going to make a difference.


An all too common mistake that I’ve seen people making is people making a conscience effort to eat well but start eating handfuls of nuts, dried fruit, covering everything in coconut oil (because we all know these things are good for us, right?) I’m not saying these things are to be avoided, they’re packed full of vitamins and minerals, are great for digestive health and should absolutely be part of balanced diet. But they are also particularly high in calories and regardless of where those calories come from eating too many will prevent you losing weight. YOU CAN’T IGNORE CALORIES JUST BECAUSE YOUR FOOD IS CLEAN.


Again tier 1 of the structure is not in  in place.


The same can be applied to those trying to build muscle, you can have the greatest training plan in place, spend £50 on some whey protein isolate that you take directly after training and eat chicken, broccoli and rice cakes for every meal. But the number 1 thing you need is a calories surplus, if you haven’t got that then you’re simply wasting time and money. I know this from experience, I was eating super clean while trying to grow muscle but simply wasn’t eating enough calories to get my body to grow. I wasted a lot of money on supplements and a lot of sweat in the gym this way.


These kinds of mistakes can be a real shame because these are people who are making a real effort to change, are motivated to do so and have even taken steps in the right direction. Unfortunately they are focussing on the small print. Slowly the realisation that results aren’t happening will start to happen and motivation will drop and eventually the new regime is over with.


So try and work from the bottom up, make a success of the first stage and then move on to the next. More sustained, better results will come this way. 


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