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Client progress, Natalie


My long term client Natalie has been training like an absolute machine these last few weeks, strength training with me at Storm, but also putting some serious graft in outside of the gym, not only with extra bootcamp sessions at skinny pigs, but also when it comes to her nutrition.

That’s why the weight has been dropping off her, hard work in the gym and commitment to the right way of eating. Taking inspiration from girls like @iamiskra (instagram and facebook) who promote a positive body image and lifestyle as oppose to “get skinny”, Natalie is well on the way to getting where she wants to be.

Thought I’d share this workout that she went through, that I happen to know she has very fond memories of.

Giant Set (Courtesy of the guys at the Irish Strength Institute)

A1. Heel raised Back Squat 12

A2. Back Squat 12

A3. Drop Lunge 12 each leg

A4. Box Jump 20

A5. Stair Climb 3 climbs up the storm steps

A6. Scissor Jump 20

A7. Step Ups 12 each leg

A8. Prowler Push 40m

A9. Heels Elevated DB Squat 12

A10. Overhead Walking Lunge 15 each leg


3 sets 4-5mins rest in between




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