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Personal Trainer problems.

So I joined a new gym on New Years Day, #newyearnewme and all that.
I usually train at the gym that I work in, but needed something a little closer to home for those times when I’m not there.
I’ve been a few times now, and I’ve got to say I’ve noticed some pretty dreadful things from the personal trainers. 
People pay a lot of money for personal training sessions, often they have to enter a world that is completely foreign to them and makes them feel very self conscious. I’ve felt self conscious walking into my new gym and I’ve been going to gyms for around 17 years, I can’t imagine how it must feel if your not body confident and perhaps stepping foot into a gym for the first time ever. A good personal trainer can work wonders for peoples confidence to do and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.
If you’ve just joined a gym or hired a personal trainer, there’s some basic things that they should or shouldn’t be doing.

Not eating their chicken and broccoli while you lift.

Turning up on time.

Not checking their phone while you lift.

A workout plan unique for you, not making it up as they go along.

Not doing bicep curls while you lift.

Giving you feedback on your technique.

Making sure the weight/exercise selections are a least somewhere suitable for you.

Not checking their abs while you lift.

(Yes i’ve seen all of these things happen) 
If your personal trainer is doing/not doing any of these things, maybe you need to be to be spending your money more wisely.



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