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Progressive Overload

When lifting weights there is a very simple mistake that most people make, not challenging themselves.
An all too common theme with people training alone is too find a weight they find challenging enough and then stick to that weight, in other words they don’t progress.
I think it’s partly due to the idea that people want to constantly succeed, for example, if I can lift 70kg for 5 sets of 5 reps and it’s tough, next time I come to lift I know that it’s challenging but very much doable, I want to succeed so I therefore stick to the same weight. Failure at 72.5kg would mean the gym session would’ve felt like a waste of time. 
But the entire basis of weight training is challenging the body to do something it hasn’t done before, forcing your body to adapt to a new stress that has been placed upon it. 
So if you want to make progress you have to alter something that results in you doing more. The posh term for this is progressive overload.
It doesn’t necessarily mean always adding more weight every single time you attempt the same lift, as that would be impossible to continue forever. But it does mean adding more to your workout, an extra set, an extra rep at the same weight for each set, something that results in you progressing. 
So next time you reach for the same set of dumbbells you’ve been using for the last six months, be brave, why not think twice and reach for 1kg heavier than normal. You never know you might just surprise yourself and still get the reps you were aiming for.

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