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A better way to do cardio

Probably the most common way that people get into gym training is with cardio workouts on a machine something like a treadmill, exercise bike or cross trainer for a 10-30min stint, slow and steady, maybe changing machines at some point.
Working out on one of these machines is not always the best use of your time, time spent doing some sort of resistance training (lifting weights) would be more beneficial, but for someone who hasn’t exercised for a long time or doesn’t feel comfortable lifting weights, it’s a great start.
The problem with doing this kind of training regularly though is boredom, in my experience trying to do this kind of training 3 times or more per week is just really dull. Maybe you’re entering your 2nd month of hitting the gym and starting to get a little bored of this kind of routine. How about giving this a try on one of the days you train.
It probably works best on either the rower or a spinning bike if you’re in a normal gym, a prowler would be best but most mainstream gyms tend not to have them. Treadmills are a little dangerous too sprint on.
3mins to warm up.
20secs flat out sprint with the resistance turned to the max.
1:40min rest, try to keep moving a little.
Repeat for 7 sets all together
Total time working about 15mins.
(20secs sprinting must be flat out!!)
If you finish all 7 and think that wasn’t to bad…….. You weren’t working hard enough.

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