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3 stretches to improve your squat.

A huge issue for many people when trying to squat is the lack of mobility they have around the ankle joint. The knee should be able to travel forwards in front of the knee to allow for full depth on the squat to be achieved
A lack of mobility here will lead to leaning too far forward with the bar putting extra pressure on the lower back. It goes without saying that loading a bar and getting increasingly heavier with your lifts while lifting this way has the potential to lead to some serious injuries (been there got the postcard).
Here’s 3 different types of stretches to drop into your pre squat routine.

Low Dragon
Great for stretching the ankle and also the glutes and hamstrings.

Toe Tuck saddle

Further stretching for the ankle and also the soles of the feet. 

Sumo Squat.

Take your feet slightly wider than you would for a normal squat get down into a low position and spend a little time at the bottom there. Try and work into the areas that feel tight, push your knees out and even get your elbows on the inside of them to help drive them out. Focus on lifting your chest, pulling your shoulder blades together and not allowing yourself to lean forward onto your toes. See if you can stay down for a MINIMUM of 1min.



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