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How much protein should you eat?

One of the simplest most beneficial things to implement in your diet is an increase in protein. It’s one of the biggest diet trends at the minute, take a close look around the supermarket and you’ll notice protein is being added to everything, yogurt with extra protein, snickers protein bars, soup with extra protein even BEER with protein.
Eating extra protein is for most people a good idea, many under eat on this vital macronutrient (macronutrients are where your calories come from and there are 3 of them fat, carbs or protein), but then others, who have heard protein is important, seem to eat nothing else.

So how would you calculate how much protein YOU should be eating? Well a really simple way to start is by simply using your bodyweight. 
Your Bodyweight in kilos then double it, gives you what to aim for in grams. Easy.
E.g. Someone weighing 75kg 
75 X 2 = 150g

For most it will seem like a very high number to shoot for (don’t worry if you can’t quite get to you optimum amount straight away if you find it a struggle maybe try a slightly lower starting point although around 1.2g per kg of body weight is as low as I’d recommend, 
E.g. Someone weighing 75kg 
75 X 1.2 = 90g

A great place to start when aiming for your target is with making sure you have a good sized portion with your breakfast. 
If our 75kg example has a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast at best they are getting around 10g-15g of protein. If they don’t eat again till lunchtime they have 135g of protein to eat in 8-9 hours which will be a real struggle.
By simply adding something like a whey protein shake with breakfast and getting this number up to around 40g you’re well on the way to hitting that target.
All of these numbers can be too much for some, so sometimes my clients will keep it simple and just try and have at least 4 good sources of protein every day.


Nighttime snack
What are good sources of protein? Well next monday I’ll put a list online of some foods which are primarily protein and therefore make a great choice for each meal.

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