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Do you spend all day sitting down?

Most of us tend to spend a lot of our time sitting down, especially those who work in an office. Most people’s typical day would involve moving to the car or public transport, sit down at a desk for the majority of 8 hours, back to the car and then on to the sofa for some TV. That’s a lot of sitting down.

Sitting has been in the news quite a lot recently with links being made to the amount of time you spend sitting down to cancer, obesity and depression. Some suggesting six hours or more increases your chances of heart disease by 64 percent.

Sitting for long periods of time is also going to have seriously negative effects on your ability to move well, all that time sitting is going to be tightening up your hips, hamstrings and lower back.

So here are 3 stretches to help alleviate some of these problems. Remember though if you’re sitting down day after day, stretching for 10 mins once per week isn’t going to cut it, make sure it’s a daily goal to complete these stretches. You need to be pushing these to a point of slight discomfort, but not pain, a position where you can comfortable hold for the required time.

  1. Seal/Sphinx pose.

Try and hold for 2mins, push your hands into the floorso that you feel as though you’re lifting your chest away from the floor. If your mobile enough you can push this pose a little further by moving up onto your hands.



2.Saddle pose.

Try and hold for 3mins plus. You may feel this anywhere down the front of the body, quads, abs, chest, ankles. Lean back only as far as is comfortable to you, don’t lean back too far to soon, if you can lie completely flat that’s great, if necessary put some pillows on the floor behind you so you don’t need to lean back to far.20170306_081053

3.Half front split.

Try to hold for 2 mins each side. You should be feeling this in the hamstrings (back of the thigh)., don’t worry too much about getting the leg completely straight just aim for the right sensation.


Many thanks to John for being my wonderful model for the day.





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