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Nuts as a protein source

Nuts the healthiest snack choice of all it seems, many will begin to have a handful of nuts as a snack when trying to improve their diet. Pecans, brazils, cashews instead of a biscuit or packet of crisps is always going to be a more sensible choice than a packet of roast beef monster munch.

Many cite that nuts are a great snack because they’re high in protein, but is this really true. Different types of nuts have different macronutrient quantities but in general they are really made up of fats, take a look at this breakdown for almonds.

PROTEIN         25g

FATS                 56g

CARBS              6g

CALORIES       629

If you look back at my post on protein intake and sources you’ll realise that relying on nuts to hit a protein target is not optimal, you will be taking in an awful lot of fat to hit your target. Again using almonds as an example you would need to eat 600g worth of almonds for a 75kg person to hit their protein target.

This would also give you

PROTEIN         150g

FATS                 335g

CARBS              36g

CALORIES       3774

All that just from nuts. Not many people can consume that level of calories and not gain weight.

You have to be aware of the portion size, you’ll be eating an awful lot of calories and calories DO count when it comes to weight.

So if you’re trying to up the amount of protein that you eat there may be a more sensible option (take a look at my previous post on protein sources).

Using nuts as a way of snacking is great, as I’ve said before this is not about demonising certain food types, nuts are full of vitamins, minerals unsaturated fats. But use them as an extra to another food rather than the primary source of protein. For instance 25g of almonds on some 250g of low fat greek yogurt.




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