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When trying to achieve any kind of weight loss or weight gain, the calories that you take in are all important. Following on from last week when I talked about how it’s important to be careful when choosing protein sources so that you can achieve your calorie target, I’d like to use greek yogurt as an example…………exciting I know…… and how you can use the different types of it to fit your other targets.

Fage, is a greek yogurt and is getting more and more popular,  it’s extremely tasty and is a great source of protein. They make 3 different types of this yogurt, a full fat, 2% fat and a zero fat and by carefully choosing different ones you can use them to fit your goals.

So let us use 2 varieties and take a look at the macronutrient content.

With practice you can choose which variation best works for your diet.

Currently working towards a fat loss goal, it may seem obvious to go straight to the low fat variety but maybe not for the reason you’re thinking of. By choosing 250g of low fat variety over the full you could then get the 12.5g of “saved” fat from adding some nuts. More taste, more filling, more fibre, more micronutrients.

It can often be sensible to spend a period of time adding calories to your diet, to allow the body a break from the strains of a low calorie diet or maybe you’re currently trying to gain some weight, some often find it hard to take in these extra calories and the increase in volume due to feeling  very full. In this case the full fat would be perfect, allowing you to hit your protein target while also giving you the fat content for the extra calories.

The real idea behind this blog is not to teach you anything about yogurt specifically, but more to try and encourage the idea of thinking about how you get your calories, using fattier foods that are packed with protein when needed, busy working day then maybe some eggs for breakfast. Going out for a meal on an evening where the fat content may be a little high, maybe some turkey sausages at breakfast time to keep that fat content down.



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