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A few weeks ago I talked about how progressing your workouts was vital, increasing the amount of work that you do during a session, whether through weight, sets or reps is an absolute must for continued progress.
The problem with this kind of progression can be the clients perception, how hard do they think they are working? Each person has a different idea of what is hard, trainers will sometimes use the Rate of perceived exertion scale (R.P.E) and get the client to mark themselves out of 10 as to how hard they were pushing. But everyone has a different idea of what hard work is so what one person may think its a 9 out of 10, another person may consider it an easy 6. If the client thinks they are working at a 10 out of 10 they’re going to be very unwilling to add any more work.

Here’s a something to try if you’re currently training and want to get a idea of how much you’re pushing yourself and what you’re really capable of. 
Let’s say the last few weeks you’ve been lifting for sets of 8 on a back squat it’s tough, but you know that an extra 2.5kg would be too much, your perception is that you’re working at a 9/10 out of 10. 
Next session, complete your normal sets, but on the last set you’re going to go all out, you’re going to keep doing reps until you can’t do anymore, absolutely empty the tank.
Viola, it might just make you realise that the extra 2.5kg on the bar is well within your capabilities.


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