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I love a coffee before I train, sorry that’s not true, I love a coffee before anything really. Currently got back into stove coffee drop of cream if I can a fit it into my macros for the day (which I often do).
Coffee itself has a lot of benefits, it has many essential nutrients such as magnesium and riboflavin in fact 1 cup of coffee has 11% of your RDA of riboflavin, therefore 9 cups and you’ve hit your target ;). Its full of antioxidants and people who drink coffee have been shown to have less chance of cardiovascular disease. It’s also virtually zero calories.
Of course the main thing people think of with coffee is caffeine, or as Examine.com (a independent company that gives advice on which nutritional supplements are worth investing in) also calls it “liquid crack”. 🙂
Caffeine has many benefits for people who exercise, examine.com lists some of the following benefits.
Stimulation before a workout.
Improved anaerobic running capacity.
Better power output.
Rate of perceived exertion is reduced (how hard am I working)
Reaction time is increased.
Improved strength at high dosages.
Fat oxidation is improved (“burning” fat).
Aerobic capacity was increased.
It’s important to note that the effectiveness of caffeine is reduced due to a tolerance to the dose. In other words you’ll need to up the dose to achieve any stimulation and eventually this will lead to negative effects. Also if you train in the evening you may want to avoid this kind of stimulation as it may interfere with your sleep pattern later that night
Obviously you can get your caffeine from other sources if you want, but for me a good quality cup of coffee just before training can be a great way to focus the mind and give you that extra drive.
(Also it tastes amazing)

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