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I mentioned in a blog i wrote a few weeks ago, that for those who struggle to take in adequate protein, eating a high protein breakfast will be a significant step towards them reaching an optimal amount of protein for the day. However people often struggle with breakfast ideas and also finding the time to cook. Here are a few ideas to try for breakfast, most of which don’t take long to put together.


  • Ham and egg muffins


Layer muffin tins with slices of ham and any other ingredients you enjoy, maybe some onion, pepper and/or tomatoes.

Crack an egg on top and bake in the oven by the time you get out the shower they should be ready (about 10mins)


  • Oven baked oats with greek yogurt.

IMG-20170329-WA0002 (2).jpg

About 90g of porridge oats and a similar amount of frozen berries, bake in the oven for 5-10mins and add 150g+ of greek yogurt.


  • Bacon rosti with eggs.


Slightly more complicated to do, but well worth the effort if you have the time. It’s Mary Berrys recipe and I’ll not steal from her.



  • Protein shake.


Sure it might not be ideal but if you’re rushing to get out the house, or can’t stomach anything more substantial, a whey protein shake is fine. Maybe consider making it with a low fat milk if you don’t like the taste so much, or maybe pair it with your morning cereal if you want to feel fuller for longer. I even found this smoothie mix in Aldi which creates a pretty tasty smoothie, minimal fats and carbs and by adding a scoop of protein you’ll be well on your way to hitting a good amount of protein for the day.

What’s your go to breakfast meal?




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