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There are those of us who call ourselves hard gainers. We are the people who struggle to gain muscle. No matter how many curls we do we never seem to make any gainz.

The reality is you can make progress, you just need to get everything in place to give your body a chance, so here are three tips to get you heading down the right path.

  1. Eat more.

Not gaining weight on the scale? You’re not eating enough. No really you aren’t. You need to be regularly consuming more calories than you’re burning odd. That doesn’t mean more protein necessarily, at a certain point you won’t get any benefits from even more protein. What you will get some benefits from is some extra calories from fat for, amongst other things, healthy cell function and to allow you to absorb vitamins. Also some extra calories from carbs could be beneficial for allowing you to push that bit harder in the gym which leads me onto my second tip………..

2. Lift MORE

Not gaining weight on the scale? You’re not lifting enough. Let me clear that doesn’t mean you need to be training twice per day from now on, it means you need to start progressing your sessions. Are you getting stronger? Have you added weight to the bar recently or an extra set? If you’re not challenging your body to do more than the previous session then why would it try to grow. (See my earlier blogs on progressive overload).

3. Do LESS in the gym.

Not gaining weight on the scale? Stop doing cardio for 30mins at the end of your workout, save the calories for building as much muscle as possible. Also if you’re struggling to eat enough, by knocking the cardio on the head you won’t need to consume quite as many calories. More isn’t always better and training everyday of the week may be too much, back off on the sessions a little and maybe focus on intensity when you’re in the gym (see point 2)


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