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In many of my recent blogs I’ve talked a lot about macronutrients (proteins/fats/carbs) and the amounts you should be aiming to eat. Why? Whether you are looking to gain weight or lose weight calories are where its at.

That is why tracking how much you are eating is so important, it allows you to know how many calories you’re eating and how that amount of calories affects your body shape and weight.

Tracking what you eat is most easily done via an app and I usually use myfitnesspal. It’s basically an online food diary which allows you to enter what food you’ve been eating and how much of it. It will then give you the details of how many calories and macronutrients you’ve been consuming.

I would recommend everyone spent some time tracking what they eat, it’s a great way of learning about how much you’re really eating (some people are very naive about the amount of calories they eat, especially on a weekend). It also teaches you about how calorific foods are and therefore which ones might be the reason you’re failing to lose or gain weight.

People seem to think that tracking what you eat is not sustainable as you can’t spend the rest of your life on the app every single day.  But that isn’t the intention, the intention is to learn over time, how many calories are right for you, maybe learn what foods are high in calories and which ones aren’t. Teach you how to eat the right foods to get the right right variation of macronutrients. That way in the future you will be able to more easily judge your food selections and portion sizes so that you can continue to stay in the shape that you want.



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