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When people exercise for fat loss they tend to think of it as “fat burning” activity, which doesn’t really tell the full story as to why you should be training. Yes you’ll be using up extra calories during the session but that shouldn’t really be the goal, regardless of whether you have a weight loss goal or muscle gain goal.

So try not to think of your workout as “fat burning”, that’s when your body’s in a CATABOLIC state, its breaking down materials.

You need to think of your workout as an opportunity to place it in a ANABOLIC state, creating new material and that material will hopefully be muscle. When I have my clients in the gym, lifting weights, we want to try and put there body into growth mode or to at least maintain as much of the muscle as we can.

For the hour that you’re in the gym we want you ANABOLIC not CATABOLIC.

“But David I don’t want to have big muscles”, don’t worry you won’t be, as long as you’re eating the right amount of calories so that your body is using more then it’s consuming, you won’t grow new muscle, but we are trying to maintain as much of it as possible.

We need to keep as much muscle as possible so that when the fat disappears you’ll have that “toned” look, that so many strive for. (P.S. you can’t tone a muscle more on that later).

More muscle means more calories burned while you’re at rest and it’s calories in Vs calories out that is the key to losing body fat.

So when in the gym focus on lifting heavy and challenging your muscles, rather than simply trying to sweat as much as possible.

If you train for 4 hours in a 168 hour week then save the “fat burning” for the other 164 hours, eat the right foods in the right quantities, sit down less and move more, swim, walk, cycle, run and get good quality sleep every night.

It’s in these other 164 hours are the ways that’ll you lose body fat.




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