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“I don’t want bigger muscles though, I just want to try and tone them”.
Wonderful, I know what you mean.

One problem though, you can’t tone a muscle. I really do know what you mean though so lets try and be clear about how we can achieve that look.
Often people will be self-conscious about a particular body part, for example with ladies it can often be the back of their arms that they feel is a problem area. She’s self conscious about them and wants to “tone” them, so she wants to do lots of exercises to challenge those muscles, tricep kickbacks, cable arm extensions or dips on the edge of a bench.
The common myth is that by doing lots and lots of reps directly on that area, you will tone the muscle and the area will look firmer. Anyone who’s been too a big public gym has seen the guys on the mats doing countless ab exercises desperate for a flat stomach
There is certainly no problem with directly targeting the muscle that you want to look more defined, (although your time could be spent more wisely, more on that in a future blog) because as you lose body fat if there’s no muscle underneath, your arm probably won’t appear as “toned” as you were hoping.

But it’s through losing body fat that you will really achieve a “toned” look. By using your time outside of the gym to eat the right foods in the right quantities you will lose body fat and the shape of your body will be more defined by the muscles that are underneath them. So you aren’t technically toning a muscle what you’re doing is losing the body fat that surrounds them.

By coupling those sensible eating choices with a well thought through gym programme that encourages you to hold onto as much muscle as possible, you should be able to improve the way you feel about your body.


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