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Need a new workout?


Struggling to think of a session to put yourself through? Here’s a good workout, that’s a full body session and involves some explosive lifts along with standard resistance training.

A1 Back Squat

A2 Jump Squats

B1 Bench Press

B2 Press Ups

C1 Deadlifts

C2 Depth Jumps

D1 Chin Ups (or lat pulldowns)

D2 MB Slams

10 reps of A1 then immediately 10 reps of A2. 1min rest then repeat for another 2 sets. Move on to the B’s and complete them the same way.

Once you’ve finished these 4 supersets, it’s onto the prowler or rowing for 1min of constant high intensity work with 3 mins rest for 4 sets. Maximum Effort, if you’re not gasping for air by the end of the minute you need to be pushing harder.

Enjoy and let me know if you give this a try




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