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Sugar Addiction

I’m being facetious, but it isn’t addictive in the same way as a drug addiction is. It’s important to understand the difference between something being an addiction and something being highly desirable as it is sometimes the first step into finding a way of managing your behaviour with highly desirable food.

I’m not going to focus on sugar specifically, but it’s constantly in the press at the minute so I thought I’d use the headline to get your attention.

My real focus is on food in general rather than specifically sugar, we all have what I would call our hedonistic food, be it pizza, chocolate, ice cream or roast beef monster munch. When we consume these foods we have a pleasure response, a drug called dopamine is released in the brain which we enjoy and therefore we desire it again.

Going back to sugar again for a moment, if it was genuinely sugar that was addictive then you wouldn’t be grabbing another biscuit you’d be delving into a bag of pure sugar Tony Montana style (if you don’t get that reference shame on you) purely to get a hit. But you don’t it’s the taste of chocolate that gives you the pleasure or the comfort a bowl of ice cream brings, which takes me to my next point.

I’m not trying to condescend your cravings or these hedonistic foods, we all have them and learning to manage them is a vital part of eating a healthy diet. Developing skills to manage these cravings is vital.

Not keeping your hedonistic foods in the house, so when temptation strikes they are out of reach.

Recognising any triggers that start you thinking about food, maybe you become bored and start thinking about haribo, developing the habit of acknowledging and taking action to remove that boredom would be a great skill.

Often foods can be triggered by emotions, hard week at work and a takeaway pizza is the perfect way to de-stress on a Friday evening. By recognising that this is regular occurrence you can take the time to ensure you’ve prepared something before leaving for work on Friday. Make sure it’s something that you can look forward too, but without the 2000 calorie hit that a takeaway would give you.

By acknowledging the reasons behind why you eat certain foods while trying to eat well you can look to manage the issue. By blaming the “addictive” properties of sugar  you’re passing the buck.

If your interested in reading more about how it has been proven that sugar is not addictive you can read more here.



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