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I’ve been a personal trainer for a long time now and have trained many different types of people with very different life/work situations. I’ve also tried to continue learning by completing many different courses to try and help my clients get the most from their sessions.

One consistent theme that comes from doing these courses is that although much of the knowledge is very useful, it’s often not applicable for the type of people that I commonly see in the gym.

For example,

  • Workout plans that include exercises that require very specific equipment that many gyms don’t have, or the client may feel too self conscious to use.


  • Workout plans that require 4-5 sessions per week in the gym, great plans but are they really suitable for the working mum of two young children.


  • Diet plans that are very extreme and don’t take into account the psychological issues involved with a poor diet.


  • Expensive supplements that require the client to spend hundreds per month as results are “impossible” without them.

A good personal trainer uses what they have learned through courses and experience on the gym floor to develop a system that suits the client rather than forcing the client to bend to an unrealistic plan.

If you feel like you need someone to help you develop a fitness plan, speak to someone who thoroughly understands your gym/work/life balance and can give you a realistic plan of action that fits you.




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