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Should you eat more vegetables?

Almost certainly, from a health standpoint the vitamins minerals, fibre, phytochemicals (apparently these are naturally occurring in vegetables and are needed for normal physiological functions, wow I learned stuff), are all going to help you look good and feel great.

Also, because vegetables are so low in calories you can eat tonnes of them without eating excessive calories, something that is vital when you’re trying to lose weight. 400 calories from vegetables throughout a day is going to leave you feeling a hell of a lot fuller than 400 calories from a chocolate bar. I’m not going to pretend that it’ll satisfy your cravings, but by making sure you have plenty of veg on your plate with each meal you are going to feel fuller for longer.

Many people don’t enjoy veg and find it a struggle to eat enough to get the nutrients they need or enough to make themselves feel full. Often flashbacks of boiled cabbage from the school canteen fill you with dread and any thought of eating vegetables has a negative edge.

Here’s a few ideas that might help you up your intake of veg.


  • Add veg to a smoothie.

I’ve suggested smoothies before, they are a quick way to get the right kind of calories in to start your day (as long as you use sensible ingredients) http://wp.me/p31O89-bw


Try adding in a portion of veg to your recipe, just a couple of florets of broccoli is enough, personally I keep a bag of frozen spinach in the freezer that makes it really easy to get a extra portion of veg into my day.

I’ve also done the same with mint leaves too add some flavour.


  • Add veg to your eggs.

Gently fry some veg like onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach which can then be added to scrambled egg or an omelette, loads more flavour and loads more nutrients.


  • Add lots of veg in recipes like stews and chilli con carne.

Plenty of chopped peppers onions and mushrooms into chilli con carne.

Carrots, onions, mushrooms in stews.

Anything you enjoy really.


  • Try gently frying green veg instead of boiling.

Instead of boiling your veg for 30 mins and removing all flavour, try this………..

Finely chop a 3 different types of green veg, green beans, asparagus and courgette work particular well

Pop into a pan of boiling water for LITERALLY 5mins.

Drain and place in a pan with about 20g of butter and some salt and some garlic granules, gently fry on a very low heat for another 5 mins.


  • Roast Veg.

Pick a wide variety of vegetables and chop into small chunks.

Drizzle enough oil on the veg to cover them but not saturate them, any excess oil is going to put your calories through the roof, a spray oil in this circumstance can be a great way to ensure you get a thin covering.

Sprinkle some garlic granules over the veg and move everything around, so as much of the veg gets covered in the oil and garlic.

Place in a hot oven for about 40mins, stirring again half way through.

Vegetables that work well in this include, peppers, mushrooms, onions, courgette, garlic, butternut squash, carrot, broccoli.



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