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Want to get stronger? Here’s some things to consider if lifting heavy things and putting them down again are a priority to you.


  • Find a plan that works.

You can’t expect to just turn up at the gym throw a few weights around, in no particular order, then do something totally different the next time and expect to get stronger. You can find hundreds of workouts online these days, some good some bad. Find one that comes highly recommended from a coach who has pedigree.


  • No program hopping.

Once you’ve decided on a plan, that’s it for you till the plan has finished, you need to commit. If the plan says 16 weeks to a stronger squat, then it’s going to take 16 weeks, don’t start complaining that nothing is changing 3 weeks in and then change programs. The plan wasn’t the failure here, you were.


  • Progressive

I’ve mentioned it again and again, if you don’t begin progressing your weights you won’t get stronger. The body is only going to push itself as much as it has to. You have to go beyond that.


  • Monitor your progress.

You’ll need a spreadsheet or a notebook detailing what lifts you’re making and with what weight. Keeping an accurate record of what you’ve done ensures that you get the progressive overload that is vital for you to progress.


  • Stick to the plan.

A great plan designed to get you stronger will have method to the madness, as the numbers you lift adjust and change over time you need to continue lifting the weights prescribed, to not be frightened when the weight might seem excessive, but to also realise that at times backing away from maximal lifting is more appropriate to allow your body to recover. But simply put, unless injury or a lack of appropriate equipment is a problem, lift what you’re told to lift.  




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