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When I train I like to try and take around an hour to get everything finished. I don’t need to spend anymore time in the gym then that, nor do I want to. So why do I see some people warming up for what seems like hours.

Don’t get me wrong warming up is a vital part of the process when it comes to a good session, but people seem to be spending longer and longer getting ready to train that there forgetting about the actual training part. Static stretching, foam rolling, active stretching and activation techniques. Once you’ve rolled and flexed every muscle you’ve spent an hour just getting ready, now you actually have to do your session!

Try to be sensible about your warm up and do the things that are important for the session, so if you’re going to squat give yourself 10 mins to focus on what will allow you to squat well E.g ankle and hip mobility, activating the glutes so that they can engage in the lift, raise your heart rate a little to get the blood moving. If it’s a upperbody session then change focus, maybe some static pec stretches to improve your range of motion followed by band pull aparts to get your lats prepared to lift.

The priority for the session needs to be the list of exercises you need to get through, so get ready for those as quickly as you can. So if it’s taking you more then 10mins just to warm up in the gym maybe ask yourself if what you’re doing is really necessary, or if theres a quicker way to be prepped. But hey If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare for a stretch, be my guest.




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