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Being able to move well is a vital component of fitness and not to be underestimated. As we age the ability to move the body becomes harder and harder as our muscles lose their elasticity and we become less and less flexible. Moving into positions that we took for granted when we were younger becomes harder and harder. Reaching for items from the floor, being able to dress ourselves and simply being able to move efficiently can all become problematic.


The sooner you regularly begin stretching, and by regularly I mean practically everyday, the better for your long term health

But people who are already inflexible often find it hard to get started. The feeling of not being very good at it and perhaps finding it very uncomfortable stops them doing it regularly or holding for the duration that’s necessary for it too have an effect .

The only way that you can improve though is to start with what you have, if you can barely get past your knees when trying to touch your toes? So what, that’s where you are right now, with regular stretching day after day you’ll slowly improve. Just like with other forms opf training.  

So start stretching ASAP, you don’t need to spend an age doing it, 20mins per day is a great start. I’d recommend hamstring, quads and hip flexor stretches as 3 big muscle groups to focus on, but try and ensure that you hold these stretches for a minimum of 2mins each, longer if you can.

Try having a look on youtube for some basic yoga routines to follow, or take a look at the subscription service www.romwod.com which I’ve been using for the last year and a half to great effect.




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  1. bodybyemilyrose
    August 10, 2017

    I am 20 and not amazingly flexible so i’ve started doing yoga and it seems to be benefiting me!

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