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Body Image

Noticed the front cover of this magazine the other day and it really got me thinking about body image and motivation for those who see/read it. Does this kind of … Continue reading

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In many of my recent blogs I’ve talked a lot about macronutrients (proteins/fats/carbs) and the amounts you should be aiming to eat. Why? Whether you are looking to gain weight … Continue reading

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There are those of us who call ourselves hard gainers. We are the people who struggle to gain muscle. No matter how many curls we do we never seem to … Continue reading

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  I mentioned in a blog i wrote a few weeks ago, that for those who struggle to take in adequate protein, eating a high protein breakfast will be a … Continue reading

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I love a coffee before I train, sorry that’s not true, I love a coffee before anything really. Currently got back into stove coffee drop of cream if I can … Continue reading

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Maximum rep test

A few weeks ago I talked about how progressing your workouts was vital, increasing the amount of work that you do during a session, whether through weight, sets or reps … Continue reading

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When trying to achieve any kind of weight loss or weight gain, the calories that you take in are all important. Following on from last week when I talked about … Continue reading

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