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Sugar Addiction

I’m being facetious, but it isn’t addictive in the same way as a drug addiction is. It’s important to understand the difference between something being an addiction and something being … Continue reading

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Need a new workout?

Struggling to think of a session to put yourself through? Here’s a good workout, that’s a full body session and involves some explosive lifts along with standard resistance training. A1 … Continue reading

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“I don’t want bigger muscles though, I just want to try and tone them”. Wonderful, I know what you mean. One problem though, you can’t tone a muscle. I really … Continue reading

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Tasty idea here for a nutritious evening meal with a decent balance of protein, fats and carbs. Roasted sweet potatoes with salad and balsamic tomatoes. Its pretty easy to create … Continue reading

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  When people exercise for fat loss they tend to think of it as “fat burning” activity, which doesn’t really tell the full story as to why you should be … Continue reading

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3 tips for glute development

Glute development is huge these days, fashions constantly change and currently the desire for women seems to be for more of a booty. To develop this you have a couple … Continue reading

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Body Image

Noticed the front cover of this magazine the other day and it really got me thinking about body image and motivation for those who see/read it. Does this kind of … Continue reading

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